About Us


Sistema is the brand born from the experience and willingness of Mr Gianluca Conti, who has created a place where the excellence of the best players in the market can offer the right solutions for a lot of need.

The idea grown up during the long business trips that Mr Gianluca made in the last 30 years all around the world. Many requests, many need, many problems could have been solved by the product quality, technology and design. Consequently, the know-how of his experience and the know- how of his partners are the key for Sistema's Italian identity.

Through the headquarter in the heart of Italy, we can provide a large assortment of high quality, tested and controlled products thanks to the strong partnership with the best producers worldwide.


Our Company aims to establish its leadership in developing a complete offer of products in different sectors that can satisfy every need with punctual solutions.

Our style distinguishes itself for the passion that integrates expertise and competence in every project. The same passion that give us the power to follow our partners with enthusiasm, precision and deep knowledge of the market.

We work with these criteria, in this way, even the human relationship can gain from the major communicative efficiency, though remaining based on the maximum respect of professional value.

The quality of products and services is a consequence of the company organization and is the result of a process based on responsibility and the necessary condition for an opportunity of serious business.

The opportunity to gain from the personal experience and dynamic research, from a well framed organization and from a deep selection of products, is the service that you can find in our Company.